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Hmm. I was this close to abandoning this blog. I became bored after only six or seven entries. The other day, I wasn’t even bothered enough to enter the password to sign in to my account here. Things were hopeless, pointless. Why spend my time reading shit writing? My time is worth more than that. Well, I don’t have an answer for that question. But I still feel needed.

A quick glance at Twitter shows me that there is still support (and hatred) for me. The bad writers and losers I’m after all rely on Twitter because no agent will take their shit work unless they already have a following. True artists, true writers, don’t need a following. Their work will speak for itself. To me, Twitter is a game, a waste of time. True, I may only currently have 33 followers but I check that insipid, dumb website maybe twice a month, tops. The views on my blog far exceed any Twitter followers. So I’m doing something right and I’m not going to quit. It was a nice hiatus though.

2 responses

  1. Do you take nominations?

    1. I’m always open to them.

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