Don’t Feed the Trolls

I’d like to just get a few things straight before I get back to my vacation-recovery period.

If your work is featured on this blog, it doesn’t mean this blog was created for you. I’ve written a few of them so far and there are many more to come. It’s unbelievable, some of the opposition and backlash I’ve witnessed. I’m just having a laugh here and I’m doing something that more and more obviously needs to be done. Egos need to be squashed, dreams need to be re-examined. Do not take your “craft” so seriously.

I’m writing this because of a silly incident that occurred over the weekend. I had an account at, a resourceful and interesting website for budding authors and self-published auteurs. I would post any blog updates there, including the most recent review, Brandon Tietz’s Out of Touch. Well, Brandon Tietz is on “staff” at Litreactor and he has apparently (and deservedly) been the target of years of trolling. Brandon seems to think it was one fellow due to some admittedly misleading information contained in my recent Who Am I? post. From the long (and psychotic) thread Brandon had posted, the trolling appeared to me to have been from more than one source and not from the gentleman he “outed”.

The thread had since been removed and I was banned from the site before I had a chance to reply. A brief synopsis is that Mr. Tietz accused this man of all of these fake accounts, including my anonymous and banned one. He even went as far as to do a background check 0n the young man and post numerous Tweets and Facebook posts about him “creating fake accounts and Twitters”. My GOD, how dare someone create FAKE accounts on the INTERNET of all places??

Unfortunately, Brandon Tietz, you were wrong. I’ve done many many things to safeguard my identity. I’m not the most computer-savvy man (just look at my blog layout) but my brother in law is. There are many things one can do with IP addresses and simple Google searches and keyloggers. And most of it is still legal in your fine country. Your little plan to “out a troll” has backfired on you and unfortunately on one person who made a few jokes about you on a forum a couple of years ago. You’re like the crazy neighbor shouting accusations from the back porch. “He’s putting acetone in my drinking water!!” You, sir, are ridiculous. But thanks for all of the traffic you drove to my blog.

Please keep all egos to a minimum. Nobody is that important that one person would spend however many years obsessing over them and creating a blog JUST to pick on them. Any author featured on my blog is a small blip in a big, big radar. I am a member of many other forums, not just Litreactor’s. And unlike Brandon Tietz and many other unfortunate souls, I am not a forum-dweller.

I’m not done with you yet, Mr. Tietz. It looks like you’re currently working on a “Christian Erotica” novel, which is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. I’ll be back for you soon enough.

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2 responses

  1. That’s terrible, I’m sorry that you got banned from that site. Sometimes I truly hate how easy it is for sites to block people without giving it a second thought. I’ve read loads of posts from innocent people that this happened to.

    1. I’m not too concerned with it. I still get lots of visitors from Litreactor and I have many other sources of writing info. This is a minor headache to me.

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